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If you’re to nail CSS, Less is more – part 3 : mixins, client and server side

So, we’re here. We now know how to create a neat Less file that will generate the CSS file we want, we know how to use variables, how to nest styling rules and how to set up the watch mode on our browser. We still have a couple of things to see before we start talking about the console and the Less compilation : we need to talk about mixins, client-side and server-side. Lire la suite de cette entrée »

If you’re to nail CSS, Less is more

Here’s the deal : a while ago, i wrote an article about CSS and how one’s not supposed to forget about the C in CSS (C meaning Cascading, you noobs…); but the fact is, the more i’ve been working with people, the more i’ve seen stuff that just give me the Gee-Bees : people confusing classes, ids, creating #containers in nested .containers containing .contents. Of course, it wasn’t that bad, it’s been a long time since i’ve seen CSS code with a .red-background classname (FYI, last time i saw one, the background color was actually blue, which helps understanding why it is so wrong). However, for a couple of years now has emerged a new way to design CSS, and when i say « design CSS », i mean neat, clean and beautiful CSS, with a capital C. Lire la suite de cette entrée »

La gestion des interfaces sous IE 6

D’expérience, lorsqu’on développe une application web, on peut passer un temps non négligeable à la simple – façon de parler – compatibilité avec IE6. Pour ceux qui ont été, sont ou seront confrontés à ce problème, mon conseil est le suivant : indiquez à votre client une façon de mettre à jour son navigateur, et ne vous préoccupez plus jamais d’IE 6.
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